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real estate transaction prices now available

Published on 07 mai 2019

Anyone can now freely and freely access all real estate transactions made over the past five years: A small revolution but be careful not to play too fast to the real estate agent.

In recent days anyone can access via a dedicated website, sale prices of houses, apartments, land sold in the last five years in France (except Mayotte, the Moselle and Alsace). A fun and very informative exercise ...

What information can be found?

The government thus brings 15 million data such as the amount of the sale - (But be careful not agency and notary fees), the date of sale, the type of property: apartment, house or land, the area of the property and the field or the number of pieces.

Information that real estate agencies normally already have in order to accurately write a real estate value opinion, more commonly known as an estimate.

The professionals were waiting for all this information already available since 2000 in England. This is an additional guarantee of not under valued or over rated real estate. The price displayed in the window is often well above the actual selling price.

Should we expect to see an impact on price developments?

Any seller is afraid of "selling off" his property at a lower market price and any buyer is afraid to buy his future home too "expensive".

This database will allow everyone to get a better idea of their decision to buy or sell. This information should therefore not influence the price of the real estate market but rather comfort the players in this market and facilitate the process of transactions.

Should we rely on this information base?

These data are reliable and real. They are made accessible by the tax authorities and are updated twice a year, in April and in October.

This makes it possible to have an exact view of a dwelling at a defined address, at a time T, often with almost a year of delay, which is the case with the data currently available.

However some information like, the external nuisances such as the noise of a road, the sight will not be informed. This information can be verified on site. If you take the trouble to move.

On the other hand, the floor, the orientation, the state of the property are not indicated. And we all know that this information has a huge impact on the "estimate" and selling price of a property.

A top floor seen on the highest peak of Europe will always be more sought after than a flat of identical surface exposed to the north.

These little essential details must be known. It is up to the real estate agent to get them so imagine they can do without this profession seems illusory.

These trades have not disappeared in England.

You will find these data at the following address:

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